“The Pack”


  Caroline Costa – Director/Camera Operator/Editor/Artist and Illustrator.  The ‘mastermind’ behind Bow Wow! Productions, Caroline recently obtained an MA in TV Production and is beginning to gain a reputation for the informative, entertaining and exceptionally high-quality films she is making.  Caroline’s original degree was in Communication Arts and she has in the past been a founder member of various art initiatives that were funded by both The Arts Council of GB and various regional arts associations. Her paintings, sculptures and book illustrations have been exhibited in galleries around the country. She has recently been involved in television productions that have been shown on BBC Wales, ITV One and Sky TV.
Megan – is a beagle.  She is an inspiration to Bow Wow! in that she demonstrates a dogged determination whenever she follows a scent and, being a beagle will always adopt the simplest rather than the most complicated way of solving a problem.
  Tony Costa – Artist/Writer/Photographer/Performer.  Tony has a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art and has exhibited his work in many places both in this country and abroad, including the ICA in London and the Stedlijk Museum of Modern Art in Amsterdam.  He was an active member of the British Performance Art scene in the 1970/80’s.  Two of Tony’s earliest novels were shortlisted for the Constable Trophy.  He has written articles for various newspapers and magazines as diverse as The Times Educational Supplement and the BBC Robot Wars magazine, having done the artwork on two robots that were featured in the TV series of the same name. Several of his recent photographs have been featured as The Big Picture of the Day on the BBC News website.
Milly – is an English springer spaniel.   Her boundless energy, vitality and enthusiasm are much to be admired.  Milly’s hilarious attempts to retrieve her ball from a boating lake has been shortlisted for ITV’s You’ve Been Framed.
  Gillian Hadwin – Jephcott – Actress/Presenter/Script writer/Director.  Gillian has been a professional actress for many years and has featured in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Heartbeat, Cutting It and several feature films.  Presenter work for Corporate films include  The Department of Health, The NSPCC and Iceland Supermarkets.  Her script writing covers many subject areas – from children’s plays (Film Crews, Crooks and Heroes – presently being produced by an independent film company) to promotional films for guest houses, restaurants and clinics.  She was first assistant director on the feature film Derek.
  Cherie, Tinker, Heidi and Trudy – are long-haired miniature daschunds.  Their playful antics are a reminder to Bow Wow! of how important it is to employ a sense of humour in the work we do.

Associate “Pack” Members    


Andrew James Costa – Musician/Writer/Performer.  Andrew plays classical and jazz guitar and writes and performs his own songs in various venues around the UK. He also writes plays and sometimes performs at spoken word nights in London and Sheffield, often under the name of Mud.
Andrew’s favourite dog is Snowy from Herge’s Adventures of Tintin because ‘whilst he’s a loyal and brave member of the pack, at times he’s naughty and mischievious and it’s often his rule-breaking that provides the unexpected clue, insight, escape from or solution to, the dilemma…’  
Montgomery Norris (Monty) – Arrogant/Opinionated/Know-it-all. To paraphrase part of the famous war time speech by Winston Churchill: “Never in the field of human conversation has so much been expressed by someone who knows so little.”  Where Monty’s confidence comes from is anyone’s guess.  He’s the sort of nuisance meddler who if he hears that your computer is broken will insist on trying to repair it for you even though the nearest he’s ever been to a hard drive is when he’s forced to drive the 15 miles from Llandudno to visit his Mother-in-Law in Rhyl.  
Blodwyn Norris-Jones - Married to the Mancunian, Monty. Blodwyn claims her blood line includes both Llewellyn ap Iorwerth (Llewellyn The Great) and Tom (The Voice) Jones.  She is so Welsh that when she says she’s going for a leek what she means is that she’s going to the greengrocers, in contrast to Monty who, when he says that he’s going for a leak means he’s going to the bog.  Blodwyn owns her own dressmaking shop in Llandudno called Blode a la Mode (pronounced Bloddy a la Moddy ).  She sometimes makes stylish little outfits for her precious dog, Truly Scrumptious, that match her own.  
Truly Scrumptious is the Norris-Jones’ minature long-haired daschund who is often seen in the spin-off films that feature Monty and Blod.  Blod adores Truly Scrumptious and sometimes carries her around in a special ‘dog accessory bag’ in the same way that Paris Hilton carries her Chihuahua, Tinkerbell about.  Truly Scrumptious loves Blod but hates Monty’s guts and will growl and snap at him if he comes anywhere within range.  She will even growl when he’s not present but his name is mentioned. Monty, likewise, hates Truly Scrumptious and calls her Effing Vicious instead.
Donny Deluxe  Llandudno’s ‘Vey own Heart Throb’ and younger brother of Monty Norris. Donny works part-time as a cabaret and karaoke singer in the clubs and bars of North Wales and in the summer sometimes does a stint at the Loco De Atar Bar in Malaga. Donny has a lovely melodic voice (when sober) and sometimes sings backing tracks for Bow Wow! Productions.
As for Donny’s favourite pet, well, true to character, Donny claims his has a two metre long pet python called ‘Whoppa’! In actual fact, Donny  has a 5 cm newt called Reilly  which lives – well, ‘the life of Reilly’ really –  in a Deluxe vivarium at home. After an all-night drinking session with his mates, Donny does a fantastic impersonation of Reilly.