Manna From Heaven

Megan is an incorrigible beggar. She jumps up at people and gives them a ‘dead-leg’ and a waggy tail in the hope that they’ll reciprocate by giving her a doggie treat. With no strangers to dead-leg on the beach this morning she begs skyward in the hope of receiving manna from heaven. 

Caroline and myself are experimenting with taking low angle photographs of the dogs at the moment and are still trying to get that extra-special shot. You never see the best action photos whilst you are actually taking them but have to anticipate the moment instead. 



Young Alex Sharples was on the beach with us this morning and he took this excellent portrait of Harvey, his black lab. 
I love this photo of Harvey inquisitively pressing his wet nose up against the camera lens.
And here’s a shot of Megan dancing around Harvey in an attempt to get his attention.
Back on the beach once again in the early evening, Megan demonstrates the dead-leg technique on Caroline… 
…and earns herself a ticking off……which doesn’t bother her in the slightest!


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