New e-Book(s) Released on Amazon Kindle: Walking The Dog Along Llandudno’s West Shore Parts 1, 2 & 3

PART ONE - The walk begins. Includes chapters on ‘Llandudno’s West Shore’, ‘The Wonderland Campaign’, ‘The White Rabbit Memorial Statue’ and ‘The Boating Lake’. Topics such as the Kashmiri goats that roam the Great Orme, alien sightings, black holes, model boats and swans are photographed and discussed.
PART TWO Includes chapters based on the three main West Shore beaches, Kite Surfing, Dale Road Car Park, The Path to Deganwy and The Dog Pool that forms at Black Rocks. We take a stroll along Llandudno’s very own Death Row and observe with foreboding the nefarious antics of traffic wardens cleverly disguised as ravens and black crows.
PART THREE Includes chapters entitled What’s in a Name?, Love, Dogs are Clever, Art on the West Shore, Favourite Photographs and DCO’s and Demos, which looks at the controversial Dog Control Orders and the protest demonstrations they provoked in North Wales.
The Walking the Dog trilogy is a collection of observations and impressions gleaned, initially, over a period of one year and distance of two miles whilst I was walking my dogs – Megan a Beagle and Milly, a Springer spaniel – along Llandudno’s scenic West Shore. It is our perceptions that ultimately define any journey and not the distances involved and regular walks along Llandudno’s scenic West Shore has given me the opportunity to gain a fascinating insight into the lives of other dog owners and their pets, many of who start off as strangers, gradually become acquaintances and often become friends. The walks have also given me the opportunity to enjoy, on a daily basis, the visually stunning and constantly changing panoramic views of the sea, the sky and the mountains. Even the vagaries of the weather that the changing seasons bring about are to be appreciated and enjoyed. They have also stimulated by interest in dogs in general as well as giving me an insight into the behaviour of my own cherished pets, paradoxically drawing me nearer to them on an emotional level whilst simultaneously creating the objectivity necessary for me to appreciate their needs and not just my own.The Walking The Dog trilogy contains over 800 photographs and includes updates on environmental and political issues that affect the West Shore such as the contentious Dog Control Orders and the protest demonstrations they provoked when they were first implemented in 2011.

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