A Smile For Thomas

Just released on Amazon Kindle is the novel A Smile for Thomas – The Death and Life of a Haunted Butterfly Collector, written by Bow Wow! director  Tony Costa and  illustrated by myself .
A Smile For Thomas is a rewrite of an original manuscript entitled The Floater which was shortlisted for the Constable Trophy  (an award for the best unpublished novel in the North of England) in 1986. The Floater was adapted into a stage play that was performed at The Latchmere Theatre in London in 1991. The illustrator and caricaturist Ralph Steadman designed and illustrated the posters for the play.
Synopsis: Thomas Boggin is dead but his mind still lingers on. In a room full of butterflies and moths, his family, a motley collection of batty gargoyles, congregate for his funeral in the house they hope to inherit. As they become increasingly embroiled in a web of family intrigue and recrimination, Tommy, his corpse laid out in the back room, his mind still
floating above his body, examines his life and his family by the criteria he values most, those of the professional butterfly collector. The final shock comes as Tommy’s bizarre last act frees him not only from the family cocoon but also from the memories that still haunt him of the terrible things that he saw and experienced at the end of The Second World War.

This black comedy confronts life’s major issues: Who is God? Why do we have sex? When do miracles begin? The novel moves between reality and surrealism, incorporating flashbacks, fantasies and sub-conscious desires.
Tony’s next book to be published on Amazon Kindle is entitled Walking the Dog and is about our own dogs, dogs in general and also, more specifically, the dogs and people we met in 2010 on our twice daily walks along Llandudno’s scenic West Shore.

If you are interested in purchasing A Smile for Thomas or sampling a few chapters then please follow the link below:

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